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Strategic alliances

Traxys partners with leading international producers to supply and market the following products in selected world territories:

Products Partner
High Carbon Ferro Chrome ENRC
High Carbon Ferro Manganese  
Magnesium Metal  
Zinc And Copper  
Ferro Nickel Cunico
Ferro Niobium Anglo American
Cobalt ENRC - Chambishi
Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide  
Electrolytic Manganese Metal  
Specialty Ferro Alloys  
Rare Earth Minerals Molycorp Minerals LLC
Titanium Pigment  
Olivin Sands And Ores  
Tantalum Global Advanced Metals Ltd.
Copper Concentrates  
Calcined Bauxite Mao Tai Minerals Ltd
Rutile for the Welding Rod Industry  
Graphite Electrodes  
Silicon Carbide Sublime Technologies
South Africa's first silicon carbide producer, Sublime supplies metallurgical and refractory grade product to their respective industries.
Uranium Fluor B&W Portsmouth LLC
Traxys is the exclusive partner for uranium sales from FBP. FBP receives approximately 2,000 tons UF6 per year from the US DOE as payment for D&D cleanup services performed at the former Portsmouth, Ohio enrichment site. FBP then barters this UF6 to Traxys for cash payment. With this supply offtake, Traxys is a top 10 supplier of uranium to the world market.


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