From Exploration to Mining to Marketing, Traxys offers financial and logistical solutions for the Ferroalloy, Metal, Mineral, Mining and Energy Industries.

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Traxys services

Our marketing and trading services cover virtually every point along the supply chain, all with a single goal: streamlining the process of bringing your product to market.

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Traxys products

Traxys strives to provide seamless solutions for supplying and accessing raw materials. Our product experts have the knowledge and experience in distribution, financing solutions, and the ability to access exotic markets with minimal risk.

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Traxys investments

Traxys Projects, L.P. is our investment vehicle dedicated to making investments in and providing a full-range of financial and commercial solutions for mining and other production projects globally.

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About Traxys

Traxys is your partner for financing, investing, marketing and sourcing in the metals, minerals and mining industries ...

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