We Are Responsible for Our Footprint in the World

From our historic work establishing conflict-free material sourcing to our commitment to green metals, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is second nature at Traxys.



Environmental Social Governance at Traxys

ESG has been a fundamental part of our culture for more than 20 years. It reflects our ethos of doing the right thing. We are committed to the green metal revolution, sourcing essential elements for a carbon-free future. And we are doing it all under strict conduct and esg governance policies, meeting, and exceeding environmental and social expectations.


  • Enabling the Green Energy Transition

    Enabling the Green Energy Transition

    Clean energy technologies vital to the long-term energy transition rely on carbon-reducing metals like Aluminum, Cobalt, Copper, Fluorspar, Graphite, Lithium, Manganese and Nickel.

  • Projects

  • Recycling Li-On Batteries

    Recycling Li-On Batteries

    Traxys has a global partnership with Li-Cycle, a recycling company that can recover ≈ 95% of materials in a Lithium-ion battery, including Cobalt and Nickel. This partnership helps support product circularity within the consumer electronic and Electric Vehicle industries.

  • Recycling Waste Material from Mining

    Recycling Waste Material from Mining

    Through its affiliate Brix Metallurgy, Traxys enables sustainable, low-energy, and environmentally friendly processing plants to recycle waste from mines and smelters into robust agglomerates for metallurgical reactors.

  • Pioneering Conflict-Free Mineral Sourcing

    Pioneering Conflict-Free Mineral Sourcing

    Traxys was a founding member and active participant in the Conflict-Free Tin Initiative (CFTI), a multi-stakeholder project that ran from 2012 to 2014 to establish a conflict-free tin sourcing program in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The leading solution was the introduction of a tightly controlled conflict-free supply chain using the iTSCi procedures of traceability and due diligence.

  • Supporting Renewable Energy with Steel

    Supporting Renewable Energy with Steel

    Traxys is a global leader in the supply of harsh environment Quench & Temper high-strength steels, specific to the leg components for the new generation WTIVs (Wind Turbine Installation Vessels).

    In 2021, our Steel team secured the fabrication and supply of the 5K MT Leg Steel package for the Dominion Energy Charybdis WTIV. When completed, the $600M shipyard contract with Keppel AmFELS will be the largest Wind Turbine Installation Vessel (WTIV) of its kind in the US. The Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Park (CVOW) project will consist of 176 wind turbines generating enough clean, sustainable energy to power up to 660,000 homes.

  • ESG in Action at Traxys

  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policies

    Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policies

    We provide ongoing anti-bribery and corruption training to all our employees and we hold compulsory annual evaluations. We have implemented stringent Child Labour, Forced Labour, and Human Trafficking policies and we ensure that whistleblowers are protected to help our on-the-ground employees identify, report, and act on any potential infringements of our guidelines and policies.

  • Equal Opportunity at Traxys

    Equal Opportunity at Traxys

    Traxys has a truly global and diverse workforce with people from 36 different nationalities speaking over 15 different languages. We do not accept any form of harassment or discrimination based on gender, religion, race, or any other characteristic protected by the law. All of our US-based employees must observe our Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy.

  • Sustainability at Our Global Offices

    Sustainability at Our Global Offices

    Our Traxys Luxembourg Headquarters meet the BREEAM and SDK global standards for best practices in sustainable building design, construction and operation. Our Traxys New York Office is LEED compliant, meeting the benchmark for designing, constructing, maintaining, and operating high-performance green buildings. All of our offices are designed to minimize waste, energy, and water use.

  • Guidelines and Policies

  • Sourcing Of Minerals From Conflict-Affected And High Risk Areas

    The Traxys Group is a group of companies engaged in the international sourcing and marketing of metals, minerals, ores and concentrates and related financing, logistics and other services. Read more.

  • Conflict Minerals And Responsible Sourcing Policy Statement

    As a global commodities trading firm, Traxys is firmly committed to conducting its business with integrity and transparency and in compliance with best practices and all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines. Read more.

  • Statement On Commitments To ESG

    Traxys is committed to the highest internationally recognized principles for responsible business conduct, and to ensuring that our operations are equitable, sustainable, and transparent. Read more.

  • Traxys Code Of Conduct

    This Code of Conduct defines the standards of conduct that Traxys expects from all of its employees in the performance of their duties for Traxys. Read more.

  • Report on Fighting Against Forced Labour and Child Labour in Supply Chains

    Traxys North America LLC (TNA) has prepared this report to fulfill the reporting requirements of Canada’s Fighting Against Forced Labour and Child Labour in Supply Chains Act… Read more.