Comprehensive, Personalized Services for a Dynamic Industry

At Traxys we represent your local interests - worldwide. We offer expertise every step of the way, enabling business opportunities and minimizing risk as we take raw materials from mine to market.


Our Services

We trade the raw materials that shape modern life.

Traxys works at the center of the raw materials industry supplying the essential metals and minerals at the foundation of the modern world. Our full service marketing and logistics management and comprehensive financial and commercial services move materials to market faster, efficiently, with less risk and less working capital.

  • Off-Take Agreements

    Traxys has the financial strength to give you confidence in counterparty performance and dependability. You can collect promptly or use our agreement as collateral for dealing with financiers and other relevant business partners.

  • Market Support

    Traxys helps its customers find solutions that maximize value and minimize risk. The breadth of our global network allows us to keep up with rapidly changing market conditions and react efficiently. Our team deals at a local level worldwide - financially and culturally - to expedite transactions.

  • Agencies

    Traxys acts as your agent by representing your interests from the first introduction to consumers to the ultimate delivery and execution of the sale. Traxys coordinates directly with you as the producer and based on our extensive experience with the product and consuming market, we give guidance about commercial strategies and pricing. This process provides complete transparency all the way through to final markets.

  • Logistics

    As a global company, we have worldwide logistics partners that help ensure your products leave your facility and arrive at your customer’s location safely and on time. We help fulfill your end-customer requirements by executing your distribution agreements. Whether regional, national, or international, or one truckload per week delivered to a plant or ten shiploads unloading at a major port, we have the resources to meet your customers’ needs. Distribution: Ocean/Land Movement, Warehousing, Tolling. Regulatory Compliance: US and EU Customs, REACH, United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

  • Hedging

    Traxys has the financial resources and technical expertise to help you hedge prices to forecast your revenues better. It's part of our financial service offerings based on our in-depth industry pricing knowledge.

  • Credit Risk Coverage and Risk Management​

    Dealing with new customers or exotic markets carries a level of risk that can disrupt cash flows. Traxys has the international industry know-how to structure various ways to cover your risk.

  • Trade Finance

    Traxys has the financial resources to offer solutions ranging from simple working capital funding to highly structured long-term financing to suppliers and customers.

  • Investments

    • For mining enterprises with proven resources, Traxys can be your partner in financing the entire supply chain, from mine or smelter to end user, via our comprehensive logistics and distribution network.

      Our investment vehicles are dedicated to providing a full range of financial and commercial solutions for mining and other production projects globally.

      • Equity Finance
      • Debt Finance
      • Buyouts
      • Marketing & Trading

      To get more information on Traxys’ investments or to connect with a Traxys investments specialist, please get in touch with us.