Sachiel Millien: Data expert and Industry Innovator

Traxys Group - 29th November 2022
Sachiel Millien: Data expert and Industry Innovator

Sachiel Millien, Traxys’s Global Head of Middle Office, sits at the center of the Traxys global network. With a passion for problem-solving and data integrity, Sachiel manages the internal systems that help Traxys do more and do better for customers and the metals and minerals industry.

Bringing Wall Street Savvy to the Energy Market

Sachiel hadn’t planned to go into the energy industry. But he found his data analysis experience working on Wall Street could be applied to the energy trading world. Working in the NY Mercantile Exchange, Sachiel was responsible for making sure traders complied with strict rules and regulations. There he learned to navigate the complex dynamics of the fast-paced trading business. Sachiel developed a deep appreciation of his role in ensuring integrity in operations. As he learned how traders used financial data, he realized that he could help improve their performance using real-time data. Two years later and having earned an MBA in finance, Sachiel was ready for a change.

Sachiel’s first role in the energy sector was in operations, doing electricity settlement in California with Sempra Energy Trading. He soon became a junior trader, ensuring electrical power was available around the clock. Using his experience in finance, Sachiel incorporated data intelligence into energy trading. In just two years he doubled revenue.

Real-time data is critical in energy trading. When a powerplant trips in California, causing rolling blackouts, they need someone who can buy the power and move it to wherever it’s needed.

Better Systems for Better Results

Sachiel was already a rising energy trader when he met Todd Hermanson, Traxys’s Chief Financial Officer. Todd knew immediately that Sachiel’s innovative thinking would make a good fit with Traxys. Early on, Sachiel saw that Traxys could build on its success by making better use of data and automation. He went on to develop a unique data analysis process using real-world information in real-time. In just two and a half years, he led his team to harmonize the entire reporting process to help traders to work faster and more efficiently with better results.

I love that I can come in and help traders solve challenges. I like fixing things. And Traxys has given me the opportunity to do that. I tell my team we’re not here to make excuses, we’re here to get results. Every day we need to come to work with a clear sense of our goals. Then at the end of the day, ask yourself if you did something to get closer to that goal. If you can do that, then you will do amazing things at Traxys.

Understanding the Real World to Build a Better One

Data intelligence and mineral resources shape our world, politics, and progress. Sachiel is a part of the bridge between them. In that bridge role, he sees that people from other industries do well at Traxys. People with backgrounds in hedge funds, energy trading, and other trading businesses bring the outside thinking and real- world understanding that helps them see opportunities–both to help their department perform better and to explore their potential. Understanding and adapting to a changing world requires innovative thinking and a clear vision for the future of the industry. Sachiel and his team are helping create a more responsible, connected, and efficient industry for a better future.

I knew Traxys was a forward-thinking company from the beginning. But I knew that if we were going to expand trading in green metals for clean energy technology, we needed to build a foundation that could support scale to that level. And that’s what my team and I are doing.