Traxys Europe Joins the International Lithium Association (ILiA)

Traxys Group - 21st February 2022
Traxys Europe Joins the International Lithium Association (ILiA)




Traxys Europe Joins the International Lithium Association (ILiA)

Traxys joins industry peers in driving the lithium value chain forward.


Luxembourg, February 2022 – Traxys Sarl (“Traxys” or the “Company”), a leading global physical trader and merchant in metals and natural resources, is pleased to announce that its subsidiary Traxys Europe has joined the International Lithium Association (ILiA). The ILiA is an industry membership organization dedicated to ensuring that Lithium is ethically supplied worldwide. The ILiA convene the many companies that operate across the entire value chain to share best practices in determining and achieving lithium supply chain efficiencies. As a member of the ILiA, Traxys will contribute to the pursuit of an ESG-focused lithium value chain.


“I couldn’t be more proud of our Traxys Europe team joining the International Lithium Association (ILiA) as we continue making strides in our lithium trading activities. Our membership with the ILiA is a testament to our work in positively impacting the

electromobility sector. Traxys is advancing green metals and minerals in the energy transformation, in line with our overall ESG commitments,” said Mark Kristoff, Traxys CEO.


Founded in 2021, The ILiA brings together entities that operate across the lithium value chain to support the industry’s efforts to supply high-quality lithium sustainably and responsibly. Overall, they aspire to proactively engage the lithium community to pursue better ESG practices. The ILiA is on track to become a trusted global authority in the lithium industry by regulators, governments, industry, society, media, and the public.


Lithium is considered a critical material in both the US and Europe because of its importance in advancing clean energy technologies. Furthermore, the IEA forecasts (assuming worldwide compliance with the Paris Agreement) that Lithium will see the fastest growth rate of battery-related minerals, with demand growing by over 40 times by 2040.

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Traxys is a physical commodity trader and merchant in the metals and natural resources sectors. Its logistics, marketing, distribution, supply chain management, and trading activities are conducted by over 450 employees in over 20 offices worldwide, and its annual turnover is in excess of USD 7 billion. Headquartered in Luxembourg, Traxys is engaged in sourcing, trading, marketing, and distributing non-ferrous metals, ferro-alloys, minerals, industrial raw materials, and energy. The Group serves a broad base of industrial customers and offers a full range of commercial and financial services.

Traxys, a privately held company, is owned by Traxys’ management team, The Carlyle Group (NASDAQ: CG), and affiliates of Louis M. Bacon, the founder of Moore Capital Management, LP, and Moore Strategic Ventures, LLC, Mr. Bacon’s privately held investment company.

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