Traxys Group Executes USD $250 Million Trade Receivables Securitization Program

Traxys Group - 3rd September 2021
Traxys Group Executes USD $250 Million Trade Receivables Securitization Program

Traxys Group Executes USD $250 Million Trade Receivables Securitization Program

Luxembourg, 3 September 2021 

Traxys Sarl (“Traxys” or “the company”), a leading global physical trader and merchant in metals and natural resources, is pleased to announce the successful signing on 9th July 2021 of a global multi-currency securitization program. 

This program, arranged by Société Générale (SG) is funded by SG, HSBC Continental Europe, ING Belgium and MUFG Bank. It is denominated in EUR and USD, split into 3 maturity tranches extending to 2-years, and is backed by credit insured trade receivables originated by Traxys’ European and US subsidiaries. Redbridge Debt & Treasury Advisory and Accola have supported Traxys with the structuring and implementation of the program. 

This securitization program allows Traxys to continue the diversification of its working capital solutions, creates up to USD 250m of additional capacity and lowers the absolute cost of financing Traxys’ activities. The program is structured flexibly and can be increased to meet Traxys’ business needs over time. The program has been certified ‘STS’ by a leading third party certification provider (SVI) for both ABCP and non ABCP investors. 

“The success of the transaction demonstrates once again the strong support of our closest banking partners and highlights the extremely positive outlook for Traxys. This program is an important milestone for our company and represents a highly efficient, flexible and scalable working capital finance solution for the firm,” said Todd Hermanson, Traxys’ Group Chief Financial Officer. 

Mark Kristoff, Traxys’ Group Chief Executive Officer, added: “This program strongly supports the continued growth of our company’s diverse and global commodities businesses. We will also be able to further extend our contribution to global sustainability initiatives as Traxys further consolidates its leading position in the world’s strategically important base metals and battery materials markets as well as the industrial minerals and ferro and noble alloy businesses. All of our markets benefit significantly from the increased long-term demand perspectives for our sector overall.”

About Traxys 

Traxys is a physical commodity trader and merchant in the metals and natural resources sectors. Its logistics, marketing, distribution, supply chain management and trading activities are conducted by over 450 employees, in over 20 offices worldwide, and its annual turnover is in excess of USD 6 billion.

Headquartered in Luxembourg, Traxys is engaged in the sourcing, trading, marketing and distribution of non-ferrous metals, ferro-alloys, minerals, industrial raw materials and energy. The Group serves a broad base of industrial customers and offers a full range of commercial and financial services. 

Traxys, a privately held company, is owned by Traxys’ management team, The Carlyle Group (NASDAQ: CG), and affiliates of Louis M. Bacon, the founder of Moore Capital Management, LP. and Moore Strategic Ventures, LLC, Mr. Bacon’s privately held investment company. 

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